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Phone System is Microsoft’s technology for enabling call control and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) capabilities in the Microsoft 365 cloud with Microsoft Teams.Working with Teams clients and certified devices, Phone System allows you to replace your existing PBX system with a set of features directly delivered from Microsoft 365.If you need help,please contact us

Calls between users in your organization–regardless of geographical area–are handled internally within Phone System. These internal calls never go to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), so your company avoids long-distance charges.

If you answer yes to the following, then Phone System with Calling Plan is the right solution for you:

  • Calling Plan is available in your region.
  • You don’t need to retain your current PSTN carrier.
  • You want to use Microsoft-managed access to the PSTN.

However, your situation might be more complex. For example, you might have offices in locations where Calling Plan isn’t available. Or you might need a combination solution that supports a complex, multi-national deployment, with different requirements for different geographic locations. Microsoft supports a combination of solutions:

  • Phone System with Calling Plan
  • Phone System with your own PSTN carrier with Operator Connect
  • Phone System with your own PSTN carrier with Direct Routing
  • A combination solution that uses Phone System with Calling Plan, Phone System with Operator Connect, and/or Phone System with Direct Routing

The solution depends on your actual needs, but no matter what the final plan is, we are committed to creating a communication solution that is fast, convenient and suitable for you.

key features

Phone System Contains

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    Auto attendants allow you to set up menu options to route calls based on the caller input. Call queues are waiting areas for callers. While used both, auto attendant and call queue can easily route callers to the right person or department in your organization.

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    Cloud Voicemail includes the voicemail transcription, which is enabled for all users in your organization by default. Your business needs might require that you disable some voice mail transcription for specific users or everyone throughout the organization.

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    By default, all outbound calls use the assigned number as calling identity (caller ID). The recipient of the call can soon identify the caller and decide whether to accept or reject a call. You can either change or block the caller ID (also called a Calling Line ID) for a user.

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    Phone system with calling plan is Microsoft’s all-in-the-cloud voice solution for Teams users. It is the simplest option that connects phone system to the PSTN. Microsoft acts as your PSTN carrier with this option. This requires uninterrupted connection to Microsoft 365.

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    If your carrier participates in Microsoft Operator Connect program, they can manage the service for taking PSTN calling to Teams with this program. Your carrier manages the PSTN calling services and Session Border Controllers, allowing you to save on purchase.

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    Connect your own supported Session Border Controller to phone system without a need for additional software. You can use any telephony carrier with phone system. You can configure and manage this option, or it can be configured and managed by your carrier.

other configurations

Depending on Your Requirements


    Microsoft has two types of telephone numbers available: subscriber (user) numbers, which can be assigned to user in your organization, and service numbers, available as toll and toll-free numbers with higher call capacity.


    How you configure call routing differs, relying on PSTN connectivity option.For Calling Plan, most of call routing is handled by Microsoft; for Operator Connect, managed by the carrier; others, configured on your own.


    How you configure emergency call differs, relying on your PSTN connectivity option.For Calling Plan, users are automatically enabled for emergency calling. For Direct Routing, you must define it for users by Teams routing policy.


    In some regions, it’s illegal to bypass PSTN carrier to decrease the long distance telephone costs. Location-based routing (LBR) for direct routing enables you to restrict toll bypass for Teams users based on geographic location.

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