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In construction of database room, not only the storage location of devices should be considered, but also the environment, access rights, monitoring management, and disaster protection. The construction environment must meet requirements of temperature, humidity, waterproof, anti-static, and electrical safety. To detail requirements, construction is devided into parts of fitment, micromodule, power supply and environmental monitoring.

To improve safety performance and meet compliance requirements, construction should be based on:

  • Physical Security
    With site and material selection to meet requirements such as waterproofing, fireproofing, lightning protection, anti-theft and anti-rodent to control the environmental temperature, humidity and access rights
  • Network Security
    Perform necessary steps such as identity authentication, permission division and security audit for access, setting intrusion prevention policies to ensure security and integrity of data, as well as backup and recovery
  • Security Standard
    Conduct relevant safety training for employees, develop safety procedures for system construction, operation and maintenance management, external access
  • Management Security
    System administrators, audit administrators, and security administrators can be identified and assigned their rights, managed in a centralized control

Reasonable planning, landing and maintenance, all steps are crucial to prevent risks, the selection of professional team can ensure a successful deployment and professional advice. To learn more, contact us now


An Adjustable, Cost-efficiency Solution

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    Rational planning in a fitment has an significant effect on IT room construction. Engineers team will make an overall plan and design to your data center room, fully considering details like antistatic floors, especial painting & ceiling, dust-proof control, ect

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    Micromodule is easy to deploy, operate and maintain in more stable way. With your business extension, be able to increase data centers gradually as your demand increase. Meanwhile, a smart management system can assist you in conservation and dynamic management

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    Based on a high security and stability, Engineer is going to seriously investigate company electricity demand in the first place, considering ups system, lightening protection, lighting & emergency lighting in order to meet your electricity needs and ensure safety

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    monitor objects such as power equipments, humidity, ups, air conditioners, temperature, ect. With a centralized supervisory control system, it will be able to record datas, diagnose and resolve problem automatically. For emergency, it will report to engineers at the first place to prevent downtime situation

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    With an access control system, realize the entrances and exits verification management, and record of certified member, at the same time, supervise any behaviors of intrusion in real time, timely warning and alarm of abnormal behavior, in order to ensure safety of data and equipment in the DB room

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    Based on actual fire levels and features of the equipment, the room is designed to reduce as much damage as possible once in emergency, equipped with a gas fire extinguishing system, automatic fire alarm & smoke exhausting. Fresh air system is configured to control air flow and protect the equipment


With Our Solution, You Will Have


    Put the security of equipments at the first priority to ensure you a stable running of DB room, considering some special requirements overall process


    Ensuring the stable running of DB room is vital to all businesses. The ablity to recover from emergency is the key performance of stability


    Insist on a critical standard to manage and maintain your project, making it more smooth to construct or migrate the database room in the future


    Try to satisfy your business needs and put progress reasonability into consideration, to make a comprehensive, cost-effective and flexible solution

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maximizes your business values

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    Based on business needs, rational plan the room and confirm material, standard and process with you

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    Carry out the planning, controlling quality and optimizing process with timely report of progress

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    Test equipment in practical use, deliver to who will be in charge with information documents of devices


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