IT Maintenance Service for CLASQUIN


CLASQUIN is an international freight management company, who branches to China focusing on transportation by means of air, sea, rail or road. Provide customers an all-in-one solution with consulting, pick up, check, space-booking, storage, transit, cargo management, fare settlement, custom clearance, insurance, etc.

Founded in 1864 France, CLASQUIN has won overall trust from customers with years of experience and creative development of AEOLUS logistic operation system, being able to offer customized solutions and value-added services for global customers.

Global transport by Marine,land,aviation


In recent years, CLASQUIN is shifting its focus to Aisa market. Central in shanghai, set up branches to beijing, qingdao, xiamen, hangzhou, ningbo, guangzhou, shenzhen, hongkong and taiwan with quick response service.

As business expand greatly, IT equipments are continuously added and needs for optimization are urgent. To ensure sustainable development, CLASQUIN is asking for more professional IT support and quicker response to exception, while considering cost control in IT budget.

With experience in IT support for years, Blue Speedy can promise a fast support in response rate and hardware replacement request of brands like huawei, dell, hp, intel, etc.


Our solution provides maintenance and support service for softwares and hardwares as the original manufacturers, offering overall IT assets management services. According to actual situations and needs, ensure a continuously running of system with regular maintenance in equipment and network to reduce downtime.


Due to a robust backup accessories system, we can get a replacement to hardware quickly once accidents happen. Constantly monitor and maintenance guarantee the stability of the system operation. With our long-term maintenance solution, the internal system is optimized, efficiency improved and costs saved.

IT Manager from CLASQUIN:
“When we are in trouble, Blue Speedy is always there to help us quickly solve the problem of system accessories. Blue Speedy has been an indispensable part of us.”