IT support for ceva logistic

On-Site Support For CEVA


CEVA is a leading global provider of automotive logistics and the largest France-based logistics company, having a global workforce of more than 110,000 people across 1,300 sites and more than 170 countries, delivering responsive logistics solutions for our customers.

Air freight, ocean freight, ground freight


With the addition of the former Ingram Micro’s Commerce & Lifecycle Services and the Shipwire technology platform, CEVA has further enhanced eCommerce capabilities and global footprint.

As an importance branch in China, CEVA has built an IT department to support its business. But it keeps looking for a professional IT provider to work with internal department, strengthing its IT infrastructure and system resistance to accidents.


According to the needs of CEVA, Blue Speedy arrange a professional team to provide long-term IT support, record system failures, report monthly status and optimize IT structure to ensure system running in stability.

IT services included:

1、system management

  • patrol inspection, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of hardware in server
  • inspection, installation, upgradation and configuration of software in server
  • lay out and manage power, rack, cable of sever
  • virus monitor and instruction detection

2、software management

  • application installation and maintenance
  • application configuration and upgradation
  • application design and plan

3、network management

  • wiring laid out and protocol optimized
  • network connecting and sharing setting
  • cyber security setting and optimizing
  • network failure analysis and recover

4、operation and maintenance

  • hardware installation, maintenance, upgrading and repair
  • software election, installation, maintenance and optimization
  • virus detection, prevention and elimination
  • regular maintenance and consulting services

5、IT equipment management

  • hardware alteration and user authorities management
  • document edition of network setting, hardware and user listing
  • IT asset optimization and value maximization


With professional and long-term support from Blue Speedy, CEVA gets IT system optimized, stabilizes system running, maximizes IT assets values and upgrade resource utilization.

An overall report monthly and regular feedback make our client better understand the status of IT system and adjust business strategy in time. We aim to help client in the way of sustainable development.

IT Manager from CEVA:
“Blue Speedy has always met our diverse needs and we feel they are part of our company rather than an outside supplier.”