IT resource optimization for boran

Upgrade Resource Utilization for Broan


Founded in 1932, Broan lead the industry with forward-thinking residential ventilation products, customized climate, and indoor air quality solutions that are all backed up by award winning customer service. Winning the recognition from customers, Broan branches to China to bring fresh air for more customers.

Air quality solutions


To build a more cost-effective and high-performance product, Broan eagers to develop strong research and production capability. A highly unified and coordinated system is needed, integrating computers, databases, voices&video information to realize internal sharing and efficient management.


Based on the sustainable development, Blue Speedy customizes an integration plan for Broan. Studying the overall resources and business in depth, existing resources are made full used, each parts connection are closer, investments are optimized, and system performances are in the first class.

Customized services:IT infrastructure integration、web architect integration、application deployment&upgrade、unified communication、weak -current systems integration、databases integration.


With the long-term support by us, Broan improve utilization of overall resources, rates of sharing, and process of management, reducing investment of unnecessary. Blue Speedy provides an all-in-one solution from design, implement to maintenance to support our clients in a large range.

IT Manager from Broan:
“Blue Speedy is always by my side, supporting my business and keeping my systems in top shape”