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Blue Speedy focus on IT service solutions, and always insist in creating value for enterprises with excellent technical services. Based on all-in-one IT solution, We provides you with systematic solutions from IT planning, construction, operation to optimization and integration, to offer you an cost-efficiency IT solution. Blue Speedy IT outsourcing services strictly follow international ITIL V3 specification, with rigorous, standardized and professional services, reasonable planning and optimization of enterprise IT infrastructure, to build a safe, stable and efficient IT system.

Blue Speedy provides you with desktop, system, application, storage&backup, network, information security operation and maintenance, to reduce the failure rate of enterprise equipment, improve the operation ability of equipment, and promote the realization of enterprise business value.

   IT Support

Computer, network, server, telephone repair and install

   IT Design

infrastructure, network architecture, unified communication, app-software, database and electric system design

   Data Backup

   Office equipment, consumables, printers, copiers, IT equipment migration services

   Voip Support

unified communication operation and maintenance services


manage hardware devices in database to ensure IT infrastructure running

   Desktop Support

Respond and support end users on related office equipment

   System Support

Regular maintenance and support for servers to reduce device downtime and improve device running capability

   App Support

Timely respond to user requirements, analyze system performance, and make optimization plan


Information storage and backup, effectively reduce potential risk

   Network Support

Effectively reduce network downtime to ensure its continuous stability


Provide Customized IT Soultion To Different Industry

  • 金融_finance


    Capital and transaction safety is the top priority in financial industry. With digitalization of financial services and banking business, the flow of funds is more convenient and rapid, as fraud and risk problems appear in more variable forms. It is a need for a more professional IT technical team to protect the financial software system

  • 工人_worker1


    Smart manufacturing becomes the key to the transformation of traditional factory. Combine smart manufacture, productive apps and security products to transform way of work, provide training for employee to adapt to tool and process of digital manufacture, and help staffs improve their work efficiency, while insuring employee safety

  • 货车_truck


    Optimizing your supply chains and fulfilling customer orders on time is crucial to maintain competitiveness of a logistics company. Blue Speedy has a professional team, to respond to your emergent request, to provide thorough services, like anti-virus, security training, data backup, etc., ensure your delivery on time

  • 加减乘除_arithmetic-buttons


    Nowadays, modernization has become a shared purpose of school & education institution, providing student and teacher with a more efficient and safe teaching environment, so that they can focus on education. cloud-based network solutions provide easy management of distance learning, safe and reliable data management

  • 城市_city


    Construction becomes more and more complex. Managers are under greater pressure to save costs, perfect schedules, and improve efficiency. There is a growing demand for digital transformation. An upgrade of management financial system, or integration of management software helps you get things done faster

  • 地球仪_earth


    With the rapid development of internet, various enterprises derive from the combination of internet and the real economy. But a lack of funds to afford professional IT support teams has a great impact on business development. IT outsourcing will solve IT support needs of your company, and save your budget to a large extend


With Our Solution, You Will Have


    You can adjust IT costs of enterprise at any time, whether to extend or contract your range, and only need to pay for your actually needs


    We will assist you to monitor your overall IT situation and respond to problem in time, to become your trusted IT consultant in need


    As your organization continues to grow, your need grows with it. With our services, you will be able to adjust budget or service range anytime


    You will get a team, which is growing with your business, and always responding to what you require whenever in need

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Maximizes Your Business Values

  • 市场分析_market-analysis


    Comprehensive analyze your IT system, issue a detailed report

  • 人员说话_people-speak


    Get a business talk & confirm needs to make up a plan

  • 编辑文件_file-editing-1


    Set up record files and detail needs to carry out IT support

  • 工人_worker


    Regular test, support to ensure system stable running


ALL-in-One IT Outsourcing

Blue Speedy has been deeply engaged in IT outsourcing for more than 10 years. It has served various sizes of enterprises, having experience of dealing with all kinds of IT problems. Assist them in customizing personalized IT solutions that meet the development of enterprises. Blue Speedy has accumulated rich experience from years of services, and become an all-in-one IT service provider with standard service processes.


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