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Azure is a cloud platform of Microsoft, integrated more than 200 cloud services and products. Azure solutions provide related products, services and third-party applications to assist you meeting business challenges. From DevOps to business analytics, help you quickly set up cost-effective solutions that fit with existing technologies.

Security and privacy are the foundation of Azure. Microsoft pay more attention of comprehensive compliance than other service providers, striving for the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards compliance, and regulatory compliance. Azure supports open source technologies, so you can use your preferred tools & technologies to run almost any applications on a device using your data sources and operating system.


Cloud That Supports Innovation

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    Protect your organization and customer with the multilayered security across infrastructure, datacenter and operation. With an investment of over USD one billion in the development and research, 3,500 safety experts monitoring to safeguard your data, Azure is a cloud to trust. Streamline the compliance and protect your data with a most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud service provider.

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    With the commitment to open source and the support for all language and framework, build how you want & deploy where you want to. Establish, debug, deploy and manage application with the language or platform of your choice. Gain unlimited scale for your application with the only cloud platform that provides hyperscale relational databases and a fast NoSQL database with open APIs for any scale.

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    Azure distributes in over 60 regions, more than any other cloud providers. The physical component is comprised of over 200 physical datacenters. With the connectivity of the global Azure network, each of the Azure datacenters is able to provide high availability, low latency, scalability, and the latest advancements in cloud infrastructure. Make it more possibilities to extend your business.

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    Simplify the distributed and complex environments across on-premises, multiple clouds, and edge—with Azure hybrid cloud solutions. Bring Azure management to your entire IT estate and run Azure services anywhere. Empower your staff to work from anywhere, on any device, with cloud-based app and desktop virtualization.

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    In just 12 months, Azure grew by over 1,000 new capabilities. It is innovated with the latest advancements in some areas including AI, machine learning, virtualization, Kubernetes, and databases. Infuse your bots, websites, and applications with intelligent algorithms to understand and anticipate users’ needs.

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    Create an Azure account and pay only for what you use. Get over 40 services free always and only pay for what you use beyond free amount of service. No up-front commitment and cancel anytime. Also, you can save up to 72 percent with one-year or three-year terms on Linux or Windows virtual machines.


Azure is for All Industries


    Azure enhances risk management, offers customer experience of difference and fights fraud. With Microsoft Azure, organizations of finance have security and infrastructure to take experiences of customer to the next level.


    Deliver better health insights and outcomes as you enhance patient engagement, empower collaboration of health team, and improve clinical informatics and operational insights with trusted cloud capabilities. Improve health outcomes.


    Keep pace with needs of customer and market trends by modernizing to a smart factory with Azure. Achieve agility, increase resilience and save costs in supply chain by migrating to Azure. Start with an enterprise-ready cloud at global scale.


    Deliver personalized experiences, optimize supply chains, and reimagine multichannel retail with Microsoft Azure. Predictive AI, machine learning, IoT, hybrid cloud, and computer vision help retailers unlock opportunities.

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    Comprehensive assessment of your need to target the core issue

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    Build an IT plan or solution that is customized to your end-user and work

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    Specify details, service process and payment method to sign a contract

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    Set up process to realize plan and receive the feedback in time


Microsoft ISV Partner

Blue Speedy becomes a Microsoft ISV service partner since 2019, to provide customers with Azure cloud services and Teams communication solutions. Blue Speedy is equipped with professional engineers who are certified by Microsoft to respond quickly to customers while focusing on technical problems. After continuous polishing of professional technology and business processes , win customer recognition from various cities, and established long-term cooperative relations.


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