Microsoft Teams supports teamwork

New tools for integrating Microsoft Teams calling capabilities into applications

As organizations look for new ways to connect staff, customers, and partners, we’re excited to share news about increased interoperability of Azure Communication Services with Microsoft Teams with the general availability of Azure Communication Services support for Teams users. This enables the development of applications that connect people to the Teams platform and the potential to realize even more from communication investments.

This new capability makes it possible to:

  • Develop specialized business applications that enable calling experiences for Teams users directly within the app.
  • Create new workflows for apps that require custom management of incoming and outgoing Teams phone calls.
  • Bring Teams calling capabilities into devices that are not supported with the standard Teams client.

And, by matching with the Graph API, developers can build custom communications apps for Teams users on any endpoint, with opportunities to add and manage chats, channels, and Teams Meetings, as well as server and client-side calling bots, and to integrate information about people in the organization.

Integrate Teams calling capabilities into applications

This news highlights two new capabilities available for application development:

1、Get access tokens for Teams users with Azure Communication Services Identity SDK

2、Manage Teams Voice over IP calls, Teams phone calls, and Teams meetings with Azure Communication Services JavaScript Calling SDK

These features enable applications that:

1、Make and receive Teams calls as a Teams user

2、Join Teams meeting as a Teams user

3、Manage incoming and outgoing phone calls based on Teams Phone System and integration with Teams auto attendants and call queues

4、Honor assigned Teams user policies

Enable new use cases

Developers can use Azure Communication Services’ support for Teams identities together with Graph API features and other Azure services for a range of customer scenarios.

  • Collaboration within line-of-business applications so employees won’t need to switch applications to collaborate with people within and outside of the organization
  • Enhanced customer and employee communications experience including attendant consoles to call center scenarios
  • New industry-specific collaborative applications that go beyond the boundaries of the standard Teams interface
  • Single communication platform for enterprises


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