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Cloud Solutions for Your Business – The Future of Communications

“The cloud” is an instantly recognizable term in today’s society. It is no longer something “new”. However, some business owners are just starting to look at solutions for their modernization plans. This involves moving their in-house servers and applications that run on these onto cloud solutions. Partially, the delay is due to many PBX vendors still promoting on-premise voice hardware because of the historic revenue stream. But do you actually need an on-premise team communications system or can you too harness the power of “the cloud” as a solution for your business?

Opportunities for cloud-based solutions

Large global companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Vultr, and many more have built incredibly complex and agile cloud solution offerings. Businesses can now operate their entire day-to-day and critical systems without ever having to invest in large data racks and all the connectivity required to make them operational. The cloud offers solutions that enable any business user to access the same resources they would have done before but with absolute ease and from any device. It is for these reasons that the increase in cloud-based solution uptake is skyrocketing.

Ideal for the office environment or remote work

Thanks to this ease of access, a work desk, and phone no longer need to be confined to the corporate office. Remote working means that no matter where your business team is located in the world, the cloud makes it possible for everyone to get the same access to the same resources. Many business owners, both large and small, have embraced the hybrid office/remote model, and for good reason too. Staff are happier, commute costs are reduced and productivity remains the same. Just a quick scan of LinkedIn will show you have many people now working either 100% from home or in some hybrid set-up.

Your team communication platform – reimagined

Besides agile and unrivaled flexibility enabling hybrid working environments, there are other reasons to migrate from your legacy business on-site PBX hardware to a fully cloud-based 3CX solution. Here are a few of the advantages.

• Flexibility

Moving to, and leveraging the power of “Hosted by 3CX”, offers a new level of flexibility not previously possible for traditional on-premise telephone systems. Users can connect from all over the world to a single, centralized, unified 3CX system making inter-team communication both easy and super flexible. With a PBX in the cloud, users do not have to worry about setting up a VPN or other type of connection to the head office to get connected. A cloud-hosted 3CX offers users the choice of clients they use to connect with, ranging from in-browser web clients, desktop applications, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

• Resilience

This is one of the key features of cloud solutions that should be at the top of any business owner’s priority list. Hosted by 3CX offers all users a 24/7 monitored solution with nightly configuration backups. This means that in the event of a data center outage, your team communication will not grind to a halt. Hosting companies have layers upon layers of failover redundancy solutions to ensure that you are up and running over 99.99% of the time. There are always various channels to go down when looking at a hosting provider, but system resilience is a key area to investigate for your cloud solutions.

• Cost-effective

Enterprise server hardware can be incredibly expensive. Compared to that, moving all your services and devices to a cloud solution can bring your business huge savings. Besides the initial setup costs, ongoing maintenance is also far cheaper, as you are not paying to maintain your own hardware. Plus, with so many service providers available today, it is almost guaranteed that every business can find the best plan to match their budget.

Focus your time on your business, not supporting systems

Many business owners either outsource their IT support requirements or have an in-house team. Opting for hosted will lighten the load considerably allowing your in-house team to focus on other support requests. If you outsource, then you will save time and money by not raising constant support calls to get on-premise hardware issues resolved.

Our support teams monitor your cloud-hosted instance 24/7 and offer support with:

1、Issues deploying the service via the Customer Portal.

2、Connectivity issues to/from the service (excluding STUN IP-Phone).

3、Issues relating to FQDNs, our SMTP Service, and Video Conferencing.

4、Investigate any crashes on the system.

5、On customer request, restoration to a previous restore-point (backup).

6、Patch management.

7、Requests to terminate a hosted instance.

8、OS management.

The future is now

Some PBX vendors may not be ready to see their hardware sales drop in favor of cloud-based solutions. But, it is the obvious choice for the end-users based on all the factors considered above. The future of cloud communication solutions is in the here and now. Migrating your business to a cloud-hosted PBX will save time, and money and offer the flexibility you have always wanted.


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